Our Story

Owner introduction
Hi there! I am Jessica the owner of JT Luxe. I am 26 years old and live in Adelaide, South Australia where I work from my home office running all things JT Luxe. If you have ever spoken to “us” on social platforms or emails, you were speaking to me! I am across all elements of the business. It is very much my pride and joy.
Up until the middle of 2020, JT Luxe was very much a “side hustle” as they say, until I left my casual job and allowed myself the chance to pursue it full time. Now here I am - running my dream jewellery brand which I absolutely LOVE!

How did JT Luxe begin?
JT Luxe began in January 2017 in the most organic way. At the time, my favourite way to dress up for birthdays or formal events was a new pair of statement earrings. Back then, it was the super bright tassel style earrings so naturally as a 19 year old I thought I could only wear them once, which = a lot of $$ and a big earring collection. Along with this, I have always had a passion for all things business, so when I saw an opportunity with an Australian jewellery wholesaler that sold the style of earring I loved to wear, I thought why not?
I was a retailer for the Australian wholesaler for just over a year, selling on instagram and a basic website mainly to family & friends. It wasn’t until I researched and found my own manufacturers that I realised the full potential of the brand. I have always wanted to create my own collections with pieces that are an investment into your wardrobe rather than a one wear item. When curating collections quality and durability are of the upmost importance while still maintaining an affordable price point. These are the key factors that have brought you the collections you will see online today.

I hope you enjoy the brand and find pieces that you can love and wear for a very long time. It is very much a representation of my own personal style and seeing the love shown to each new collection is truly an incredible feeling, so thank you for supporting me and my dream.

Jessica xx